Healthy, Wellthy & Cipla: a digital therapy reminder for Indian pharma

It’s now or never. Indian pharma has watched from the sidelines as e-pharmacies like 1mg and Medlife have swooped in, tossed distribution channels out, and increasingly become the direct link between pharma companies and patients. They hold patient data and monetise for behaviour; which, in pharma terms, is a bit of a superpower. It’s now … Read more

Antrix stuck with $1-billion payout, but India’s busy building a Newspace

Elections rouse emotions. Especially one where 900 million people will vote to elect their leaders this month. That, to an extent, explains the timing and the ensuing chest-thumping after India demonstrated its ability to destroy targets in space by shooting down one of its own satellites late last month. It, however, doesn’t explain this under-the-radar … Read more

The BJP’s 5-year health policy check-up

Five years ago, India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) made big promises with regard to health. Specifically, it promised a reduction in out-of-pocket spending. Very few of these promises actually came to fruition, though. For instance, a pharmaceutical policy and a policy to curb Chinese imports from dominating the bulk drugs market were announced, but … Read more

What it really takes to go green: A story in numbers

Question: Can India shift entirely to sustainable energy? The short answer is yes. The long answer is what you’re here for. The brilliant British physicist, mathematician and renewable energy advocate David MacKay has an excellent book called Sustainable Energy—Without the Hot Air (from which a significant chunk of the philosophy has been derived). Which is … Read more

Juices for PMS, patches for cramps: Period care gets padded up

There are 336 million menstruating women in India, and 36% use disposable sanitary napkins, according to Menstrual Hygiene Alliance of India (MHAI). That’s 121 million women. It’s no surprise then that the menstrual products market is growing. And fast. Valued at $340 million by market research provider Euromonitor in 2017, the sanitary products market in … Read more

A digital cure for India’s mental health crisis

Just two months into the existence of Juno Clinic, it was evident the company’s business model wasn’t going to cut it. Founded in January 2016 by Davman Technology Services, Juno was meant to meet a pressing and widespread health need—that of accessible, affordable psychotherapy. To do this, it aggregated independent mental health professionals—psychologists and psychiatrists—on … Read more